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Rigorously Tested.
Expertly Supported. Industry Leading.

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The program’s intuitive and easy to learn drawing environment enables users to draw parts quickly and easily for faster production times. A combination of standard commands and advanced functions can be used to create the desired drawings.

  • Easy to use functions and high-level commands
  • Create your own drawings, or import from other software
  • Over 200 different materials and colours to choose from

Transfer your CAD drawings to the CAM environment by using a series of utilities for operations such as automatically assigning tools and optimizing machining sequences. ASPAN has the ability to manage multiple machines without the need to use other programs. A series of special commands makes it possible to configure the machine program with the exact specifications of the machine being used.

  • Manage multiple machines using a single software
  • Pass data from one machine to another
  • Automatically assigns the correct tool and optimising sequence

Supported machines include:

Morbidelli / SCM / Biesse / Anderson / Cosmec / Masterwood / Weeke / Rhino / Busellato / Woodtron
Additional Modules
2D Vec.torializer
3D Art.istic CAM

Optimize the filling of a panel, part of a panel or a series of panels with closed parts of any shape, using the CAD or nesting environment. For each cutting diagram users can create a series of Graphic Reports, Part Labels, Optimized Drawings and Machine Programs.


Prepare the drawing and machine program needed to produce a finished door from a single, unfinished panel. This module comes complete with a library of door types, which can be customised to the user's requirements and then added to the library. Can be used together with the Nesting Module.


Prepare all the drawings, machining operations and machine programs needed to produce a complete cabinet starting out from unfinished panels.

All furniture components can be customised using the CAD commands.

2D Vectorializer

Convert any image into a drawing that can be used by the Partner/Aspan program. The image can contain any type of subject such as artwork, logo or geometric design. This drawing can be modified, scaled and rotated, assigned tools and converted to a machine program just as you would with a normal drawing.

3D Artistic CAM

A powerful tool which allows you to transform an image into a three-dimensional drawing of ASPAN. Even complex shapes can be determined accurately and the Module allows you to view a detailed preview of the work to be performed by ASPAN.